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December 7, 2018



Welcome to our Blog on our updated website. We are so excited about new features on this site. The quick tracking – we are the only ocean freight shipping company (that I know of) that traces your cargo at each stage until it is in the hands of the destination broker or consignee. Pay Online, Interactive Agent map, Social Media bar and of course this Blog.

We opened Dove Shipping International Inc. in 1997 as part of our family business that also includes a customhouse brokerage, a full-service distribution warehouse, a trucking company and a crating & transportation warehouse in Houston, TX. Though we handle many commodities for commercial companies and individuals; Dove Shipping specializes in shipping Household Goods and Personal Effects (HHG) via ocean freight worldwide. What sets us apart from other shipping companies and freight forwarders is that we monitor your shipment from the time of booking until it is in your hands at destination; walking our clients through the entire process.

Over the next few weeks we will explore topics like: choosing a carrier, packing requirements, how ocean freight charges are calculated, full container vs. consolidated container, documentation requirements, what to expect at destination, shipping titled vehicles, marine cargo insurance, general restrictions, importing your HHG into the USA and more.
We will include links to helpful sites and forms.

Following that series we will discuss importing and exporting general cargo. Our goal is to educate; no matter who you choose to transport your goods. The information provided will be based on experience. Your questions, concerns or corrections are welcome.

International shipping may seem daunting, however, armed with information; the process is straightforward and simple. The combination of commodity, origin, destination and circumstance may be different and different rules may apply. The information we provide is for educational purposes only.

I am honored and humbled to be navigating the international shipping world with you.
A little about me: I started working at Acts Customs Brokers in 1993. My mother (and CEO) decided to open a shipping company in 1997, Dove Shipping Intl Inc., I jumped at the chance to take the helm. After 4 years of clearing imported goods; I read everything I could get my hands on about exporting. I learned mostly by trial and error; then we started growing by focusing on Household Goods and Personal Effects. Over the years we diversified into other commercial commodities but maintain a strong foundation of shipping for individuals.

Sue Fitzgerald
General Manager
Dove Shipping International Inc.



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