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July 15, 2019

Shipping Foodstuffs from the USA

Foodstuffs is a very unique commodity because they are heavily regulated by all Countries. I am not talking about dry goods shipped as part of your personal effects, but foodstuffs shipped for the purpose of retail and public consumption.  To protect the delicate Eco-systems and health of their people, governments have put safeguards in place concerning foodstuffs.  The main concern are products that contain animal parts or byproducts. (i.e. dairy, meat, fish, honey) Some countries also regulate high fructose corn syrup and energy drinks. The first thing you need to find out is if your product can be legally imported into the destination Country. You will have to provide a list of ingredients to your potential buyer and have them get approval from their agent or broker. 

My favorite foodstuffs shipment that we send each year is pancake mix to the UK for Pancake Day!  I love the thought of a whole Country celebrating on of my favorite foods… but that’s just me 😊.


Another thing to consider is the time of year to ship unless you plan to ship in a refrigerated container. Summer may not be the best time depending on the origin and destination to ship due to the increased temperatures inside containers. 

The other products that are regulated in this category are herbal supplements, medicines, food flavoring, personal grooming products, nuts, grains, raw plant materials, cutlery, cookware and kitchenware.



You can expect an exam and even testing for the first shipment, this is all part of building a good reputation and is a good thing if everything is in order.  😊

Thank you for reading!  If you have any questions about this topic or anything concerning international shipping or if you want rates for shipping, please contact me, 281-328-4100.


Sue Fitzgerald

General Manager

Dove Shipping International Inc.


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