November 15, 2019

Port of Houston

I am so excited to begin a series on Ports of the World!  I will discuss some interesting facts and a little history of the container shipping ports.

Our first stop, since it is so close, is Houston! 

The Port of Houston was furnished with its first dock in the year 1840; the rail-road came in 1853. The Houston Ship Channel, which is a part of the port, was officially opened to traffic by the then US President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. The port’s Barbours Cut Terminal, which was also the first cargo container terminal in Texas, was opened in 1977. A new terminal, Bayport Terminal was opened in 2006.

The Port of Houston is owned and operated by the Port of Houston Authority. It is a sovereign government entity, authorized by an Act of the Texas Legislature in 1927.

Port Houston is the largest container port in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, handling about two-thirds of all the containers that move through the Gulf. It is the 5th largest port in the USA and 10th largest in the World!

Top monetary Exports include:

Petroleum and coal products



Computer & Electronics

Oil and gas extraction

Top Exports by weight include:

Bulk Grains

Tallow, grease

Grocery Items




Top Imports


Gasoline, other fuels

Motor Vehicles for transporting people

Iron tubes & Pipes seamless

Iron and steel pipes and tubing


If you want a job at the port you have to apply at the local Union (ILA). They have a competitive internship program as well.


I love the Port of Houston! It has been an integral part of my career since 1993. The people are friendly and helpful. They really know how to keep the freight moving!  For more information on the Port of Houston please check out


Thanks for reading!

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