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April 27, 2020

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I don't know about you but I am ready to get back to shipping and talking about shipping.  Our world was turned upside down the last few months. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone infected with Covid-19 and their families. I have seen airfreight rates increase by 6 ->sextuple (it's really a word - I googled it) and I have seen ocean freight rates plummet because the consolidator needed the freight to fill the container. Salesmen can't make sales calls and people working from home.  We all adjusted as best as we could. Hope is on the horizon and while we are warned not to run but walk toward our new beginning it's hard not to make big plans! 

Right now is a good time for importing ocean freight from China - I repeat Ocean Freight.  The rates are low and space is good (as long as it is not medical supplies).  A lot of the major ocean consolidators are offering express shipping from China as an alternative to Airfreight.  The transit time is faster than normal as these containers have priority loading and unloading.  The transit time is not as good as airfreight but with the congestion and sky high prices it is a great option. Also a great time to export freight from USA as space is plentiful and the rates are good to Europe, Asia and UK - fair warning I have seen a lot of notices with an upcoming surcharge - it doesn't matter what they name it but its so the big consolidators and carriers can try to recoup their losses over the last few months. So make sure to ask your freight forwarder (or shameless plug) call Dove Shipping for global ocean freight rates.  

I miss my customers, vendors and coworkers it's hard to make the dream work when your team is scattered around. (though thankfully healthy). I will be watching and waiting for news of the ever changing tide - forgive the pun - of shipping. In the meantime, please know that Dove Shipping is open and ready to take requests, give advice or tackle any logistical challenge you may have.

Sue Fitzgerald, GM Dove Shipping International Inc.   281-328-4100  #emailme



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